List of Allies


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First NameLast NameInstitutionComment
Ana Corbalán University of Alabama
Annette Lienau University of Massachusetts Amherst
John Archer NYU
Mary Trachsel University of Iowa The Rhetoric Dept. at Iowa used to be entirely tenure track faculty and TAs from various departments trained in Rhetoric to teach Rhetoric courses. Since I arrived in 1989, the TT faculty has dwindled and lecturers now outnumber them 2-1. As lecturers are more cost effective than TAs, they have replaced TAs as well as TT faculty.
Claire Solomon Oberlin College
Cristin Ellis University of Mississippi
Laura Mielke University of Kansas
Donna Campbell Washington State University The most significant issue facing the MLA.
Ursula Lindqvist Gustavus Adolphus College
Joseph Grossi University of Victoria An ethical society would place higher education amongst its top priorities, fund it appropriately, and establish tenure-track posts for ALL instructors who are repeatedly invited to teach important courses and are praised for their skill at doing so.
Karina Vernon University of Toronto Scarborough In solidarity
Galen Brokaw Montana State University
Joanie Schnell Indian River State College
Carla Harryman Eastern Michigan University
Steve Newman Temple University
John Lyon University of Pittsburgh
Todd Butler Washington State University
Leah Rosenberg University of Florida
Tracie Amend formerly Wayne State College
Michael Marx Skidmore College
Stephen Watt Indiana University
Anne Cong-Huyen Whittier College
Marie Carrière University of Alberta
Kevin Binfield Murray State University Although the real issue is economic justice, the arguments that will persuade legislatures and administrations will be those regarding effects on students and learning outcomes.
Elizabeth Wheeler University of Oregon