List of Allies


Sign up below to add your name to the list of allies who commit to taking action to ensure that every campus provides appropriate working conditions for non-tenure-track faculty members.

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First NameLast NameInstitutionComment
Nick Nesbitt Princeton
Marianne Hirsch Columbia University
Tim Watson University of Miami
Cynthia Current University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I work in the Dept of English and Comparative Literature as a Lecturer and am also a member of the MLA committee Contingent Labor in the Profession.
Margaret Ferguson University of California at Davis I'm very glad to have this opportunity to show my support for the non-tenure track faculty members at my institution and elsewhere.
domna stanton Graduate Center CUNY Allies as advocates is a great idea...
Andrew Yale University of Chicago
Louis Kampf MIT
Michael Berube Pennsylvania State University I support all initiatives that try to reverse and roll back the deprofessionalization of college teaching.
Linda Hutcheon University of Toronto I started my career as a long-term adjunct--and almost didn't continue.
Heidi Tiedemann Darroch University of Victoria
Brian Croxall Emory University Faculty working conditions are students' learning conditions.
Pamela Herron The University of Texas at El Paso
Gaurav Desai Tulane University
Lutz Koepnick Vanderbilt University
Donald Hall Lehigh University
Margaret Higonnet University of Connecticut All aspects of appropriate working conditions should be sought, in the face of funding cuts that weigh most heavily on the most vulnerable, the non-tenure-track faculty in higher education.
Vicky Unruh University of Kansas
Samer Ali U of Texas at Austin
Roland Greene Stanford University
Paula Krebs Bridgewater State University