List of Allies


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First NameLast NameInstitutionComment
Joerg Esleben University of Ottawa
Lila Harper Central Washington University Unfortunately, adjunct work has become our future.
Sylvia Molloy NYU (Retired) Strongly in favor of improving working conditions for adjuncts
Ruthi Erdman Central Washington University Non-tenure-track faculty are now at least 70% of all higher education faculty. To undercut NTT faculty is to undercut academia.
Katie Oliviero Dickinson College
Jun Okada SUNY Geneseo
Shawn Gilmore University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign The non-tenure-track faculty at UIUC formed a union last year to stabilize, professionalize, and improve their conditions.
Mia Carter University of Texas at Austin
Joya Uraizee Saint Louis University
Robert Parker University of Illinois
Brian Bremen The University of Texas at Austin
dawn skorczewski brandeis u
Alvin Wong Yonsei University Workers of the university united!
Florence Boos University of Iowa Adjuncts deserve much higher pay and much better working conditions--including reasonable job security after a trial period.
Hongwei Lu Umiversity of Redlands
Patrick Query West Point
Luiz Fernando Valente Brown University
Bluma Goldstein Univ. of California, Berkeley
Emily Maguire Northwestern University
Monica Barron Truman State University
Erin G. Carlston University of Auckland
Neil Browne Oregon State University Cascades
Martin Griffin U of Tennessee Knoxville
Sabina Knight Smith College
Anne Fernald Fordham As a writing director, I hire adjuncts. I'm trying to figure out ways to make their lives better, and their wages higher.